Regular inspections can prevent costly problems from causes that are not covered by manufacturers’ guarantees – like damage from vandalism, damage caused by other contractors on the roof or even structural deterioration.

Roofs have been designed as 10, 15, 20 and, in some cases, 30-year roofs. These designations should not be interpreted to mean that the roof will not require maintenance for the stated period. Roofs that are not maintained will, in all probability, require replacement at or before the end of the stated period, while those that are maintained properly can be expected to serve well beyond.

Why Maintain a New Roof?

A new roof is a large capital expense. To get the most value out of this investment, you need to maintain it. Manufacturer warranties require periodic maintenance with repairs, at the owner’s expense, to maintain the warranty. Maintenance and inspections will increase the life expectancy of the roof system beyond the warranty period. You wouldn’t spend $30,000 or more on an automobile and never return to the service department. You keep track of your 401 (k) and other investments. Your roof investment should be treated the same to maximize your dollars.

Causes of Roof Problems

  • Storms: Hail, Wind or Tree damage is the number one cause of damage to your roof
  • Lack of Maintenance: The failure to find and correct minor roof defects and deterioration in the early stages is the greatest cause of roof damage.
  • Weathering: All roofing materials deteriorate from exposure to the weather. Damage is caused from rain, snow, ice, sun, air pollutants and industrial pollutants such as airborne salt.
  • Improper Application: The best roofing materials improperly applied will give poor service from the beginning and will result in premature roof problems.

Did you Know?

Royalty Roofing holds the highest installer certification obtainable by many manufacturers. This certification is based on financial stability, crew experience, adequate equipment and resources as well as a flawless installation record.

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    Commercial Roof Leak Repair

    Royalty Roofing performs year-round emergency commercial roof leak repair during or after inclement weather. Our professional crews are trained to repair all types of roofing systems.

    Customized Roof Restoration Solutions

    When you are experiencing problems with your commercial roof, repair and replacement are not your only options.

    Repair and Replacement of Commercial and Industrial Flat Roofs

    Royalty Roofing repairs and replaces flat roofs on commercial and industrial buildings of almost any size. From shopping centers, factories and schools to apartment complexes, hospitals and churches.

    Commercial and Industrial Roof Maintenance

    Like most major investments, the performance of your commercial roof depends on proper maintenance. Careful maintenance of your new commercial roof will identify issues before they become major problems.

    Annual Commercial Roof Inspections

    What is the value of an annual preventive maintenance and repair maintenance contract? Professional roofing contractors, designers and manufacturers all agree that a yearly roof system inspection,

    Architectural and Sheet Metal Fabrication

    Royalty Roofing’s experienced team of architectural sheet metal professionals has the design and technical skills to replace or repair a standing-seam roof of any size.